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April 8, 2016

Wisconsin Forward Exam

It's that time of year that state testing begins! We will be taking the Wisconsin Forward Exam this year, and 4th graders are required to take Math, English-Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Please try to plan appointments and early dismissals around these times. Here is our schedule for testing the next few weeks:

4/11/16 Math 8:45-9:45
4/12/16 Math 8:45-9:45
4/13/16 Social Studies 12:45-1:45
4/14/16 Social Studies/Science 12:45-1:45
4/15/16 Science 8:45-9:45
4/20/16 ELA 8:45-9:45
4/21/16 ELA 8:45-9:45
4/25/16 ELA 8:45-9:45

Please note that this schedule may change. I will update it as necessary.


We have started a new unit this month! This unit will be a combination of measurement and geometry. We started on Monday with the metric system of measuring length. We discussed all of the units of length and what we might use those units to measure. For example, the kids realized that kilometers wouldn't be used to measure something in the classroom, but rather to measure long distances of travel. A millimeter would be the opposite; it would be used for very small objects like tip of a pencil or for measuring a small bug.

We made our very own meter sticks, which also had the measurement of decimeters, centimeters, and millimeters. We talked about the relationship between these measurements, and the students picked up that each time you convert from one unit to the other, you just divide or multiply by 10! It was so great to see that they were able to pick this out through self-discovery!


Looking for ways to encourage and sustain a love of math within your child? Check out these steps you can take at home. There is also a variety of resources provided: including math tasks to try at home, recommended apps/games, parent resources, and a lot more!

Social Studies

Since we are not too far from our field trip to Madison, we have transitioned to our social studies chapter on government. We will be learning all about how Wisconsin became a state and about the capitol building as well as the capital city of Madison. The first part of the chapter discussed the unfair treaties that were made with the Native Americans in the 1800's. We learned that the tribes often times had no translator to explain the treaty, and they didn't actually believe that land could be owned and sold. They were forced off of their land that they had been living on for so many years and given false promises by the settlers.

Language Arts From Mrs. Edwards

Reading: We finished The Thief Lord and enjoyed viewing parts of the movie, comparing and contrasting the book verses the movie. We continued looking at what Historical Fiction readers do. The first skill we learned was to read analytically, looking at setting and mood of the time in history. We practiced with a picture book, Rose Blanche, and then the students took a try at the skill with their Book Club book. Book Clubs will meet again next Thursday.

Writing: This week in writing we continued to work on our Literary Essay. We will be first focusing on writing a Lit Essay based on a small picture book. The students started to form their thesis and find evidence within the book to prove they are idea is correct. We read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs (a book they were all familiar with) and took apart a lit essay on it. They had to find the thesis and supports, and see how this essay may look different from our personal essay. The students will also be responsible for writing a lit essay on their book club book. We looked at an example based on The Thief Lord, in order to get them thinking as they read about that big final writing project.

Leave Update: Mrs. Edwards’ last day is Tuesday, April 12th. Mrs. Wandschneider will be taking over through the end of the year. Mrs. Wandschneider was an easy pick. She covered a 4th grade classroom last year from November through June. She knows the curriculum and the school’s high expectations. She will be taking over my email and phone as soon as baby comes. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Gull or Mrs. Swanson.

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your children with me this year. They are very dear to my heart and I can’t wait to visit with the baby before the end of the year.

Foward Exams

Monday, April 11th, 12-12am

Miss DeWitt's Room