You`ve been served.

Mystery Assignment 7 Module 2

The Day Of The Trail

On your first day of court you will see the plaintiff who is the person who bring the suit in the curt which is opposed to the defendant, you are the defendant. After, they will state there complaint and ask you about the summon you received telling you when you need to appeal in front of a court or a judicial officer.After, me as your lawyer I will give them a pleading which claims and counterclaims but not the evidence to prove your case. When the court understands your case the plaintiff, the jury, and I will have a pretrial conference which is just where we discuss your case and see what were gonna do. When were done with our conference I will tell them the arbitration to settle the dispute and get the best thing we can for you. Once the jury has made a choice we will either go into trial that day or they will give you another court date. Once we are on trial and we discuss the case and once the verdict and jury has made there decision we will have an appeal which is kind of like a plea for sympathy so they can see where you are coming from or so they can try to see your side of the story. If they don`t change there mind or we don`t agree with the decision that they have made we will give them a preponderance of evidence which is kind of like the "big guns" it`s the big amount of evidence that could possibly chance there mind.