7th Grade Year

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Technology Class Rocks

Mrs. Jones

This class was very informative of different applications throughout the school year. We have used various software including Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Excel, Access and Word. We have also used Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements Pro.

We have also been using our typing skills and building on our speed and accuracy throughout the year. We use an online website that gives us a WPM so we automatically know where we stand.

I loved the good times in Mrs. Jones class including the music, pictures, and overall good humor. It was always cold and dark in this class and that made for a good relaxed time. We worked hard and I have gained so much more knowledge about computers.

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Trashy Projects

Conway’s English

I will never forget the project that we created in Mrs. Conway’s English Class. It was one of the most memorable creations ever.I really enjoyed the time that Mrs. Conway read the story “Wizard of Oz" in class. She always made our day fun because she always filled it with laughter. She even stood on the desk in order to see everyone!

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C-H-E-E-R for the Roughnecks

I really enjoyed cheering for the team this year and playing a vital part of helping them to win the District title. I know we made a difference in the overall team moral. I loved the dances and the pep rally the best. It was a lot of good times out on the field. I am looking forward to next year to cheer my team on to yet another V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

I am really looking forward to my 8


grade year of cheering. Not only do I get to cheer but I get to help the upcoming 7


grade girls learn the cheers.

I’ve been working on my jumps and this next year I strive to make them higher and better. I want sharp, crisp clean lines in my moves and I hope to be the loudest girl on the team.

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