Team Rector February Newsletter

Fall in Love with your Business Again!

What drew you to Thirty-One when you started your business? What has kept you here? It's important to keep those things in plain sight because they are what will drive your success in your business, or whatever the "thing" is you're trying to accomplish. Click and read this article (the one I shared at our Better Together meeting!) again and go through each of the steps. Refresh and renew yourself for spring and summer because we have LOTS of ladies to serve and BIG things to accomplish!!! Anchors down, hearts ready, let's do this!

Spring K Group Earners!!!

Congratulations to the following ladies for earning a spot in spring K Groups with their personal volume from Dec.-Feb.! Not only will they get to participate in a special online Facebook group to learn and share with other Thirty-One leaders, but they'll also earn free products from the summer selling guide!

1/2 K Group (min. $1500)

Vicki Ross - $2154.71

Michele Galloway - $1988.12

Melissa Calvert - $1506.23

Kim Elam - $1801.80

Jessica Yarboro - $1893.33

Robin McKnight - $1829.46

1K Group (min. $3000)

Kim Rector - $3906.71

Tell EVERYONE you know!!!

Thirty-One Gifts Double Hostess Credit March 2017

National Conference!!!!!

You've heard me say it before...there is NOTHING better you can do for YOU or your business than attend National Conference. Check out some of the highlights from the Thirty-One NC Facebook page! July 28-30...$99 registration (end of March, first of April), carpool, hotel cost (basically you pay for one night or less since we turn it into a big slumber party), meals, and any souvenirs you want to buy. AND it's all a tax write off ;). Please, please consider going. You will never regret investing this time in YOU and in your business. I promise!