Helen Keller

A photographic story of life

Helen Keller

Helen Keller was born June 27, 1880, at the age of 1 1/2 she caught Scarlet Fever. Resulting in her loss of hearing, vision, and was mute. It was nearly impossible for her to learn how to speak, write, or understand the world around her. She was trapped in a dark silent world. Helen was very frustrated because she could not understand what people were saying and who was talking so she would have fits. Helen loved playing pranks, that was her hobby. Later on March 3 1887, a 14 year old girl named Annie, comes along to teach Helen how to read, write, and talk. Annie would teach most of her lesson outside because Helen enjoyed the nature. At first Helen had bad manners, because her parents felt bad for her because of her disabilities. Helen's parents did not teach her discipline and not to be rude. Annie was doing very well teaching Helen, but she was confused because Helen was learning the words but she could not always figure out what the difference was between a word and a object. Both Annie and Helen would get frustrated. In May 1888, a man named Michael Anagnos, invited Helen and Annie to visit the Perkins Institution (school for the Blind-opened in 1832). October 1896 Helen attended classes at Cambridge school, Helen studied history, math, German, Latin, and literature. Later on Helen attended a university in fall of 1900, she was the only girl that was blind & deaf. In 1903 Helen's first book called The Story of My Life was published. In November 1921, received a letter that her mother had died. In the summer of 1936 Annie drifted into a coma, and died October 20,1936, but Helen held her self together.Without Annie, Helen traveled to different countries. Helen Keller died at the age of 87, June 1st 1968.

All The Answers

The ordinary blue pencil

All The Answers is about a girl named Ava Anderson, she needed a pencil so she got one from the junk drawer in her kitchen and she found a blue pencil, she did not think it was special. The funny thing is that when she got to doing the test she thought she was going crazy because whenever she wrote the question down a voice would answer her question.When Ava found out about the pencil she did not tell anyone except her best friend Sophie. I was a little surprised when it said that because if i had a magic pencil i would tell my mom and dad. At first Ava and Sophie were just using the pencil for non useful questions like what was for lunch at school, i would just go on the school website or look at the lunch menu. After about two weeks Sophie and Ava used the pencil for serious like when they or Ava's grandma and mom were gonna die. Once a week Ava's family and her and Sophie would go to the nursing home where her grandpa lived and they had a night called family night. Ava's grandpa never smiled and was always grumpy. Ava and Sophie started using the pencil and asking what all the people wanted in the nursing home because they wanted to change everyone's attitude. All Ava's grandpa wanted was to go to his favorite bands concert. It also said that he wanted to fix the mistake he made with Ava's mom, i was a little disappointed and upset that they did not tell what the mistake was. Ava tried to get her mom to tell her what happened but she would not spill the beans.
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