WMS Friday Forecast

September 7, 2018 - Week 3

Three Weeks In and How Are We Doing?

We are at our third Friday... so how are things going?

  • Our students are full into their learning. When I walk classrooms, I see and hear students working on projects, problem-solving, and designing. Great things are happening in our classrooms!
  • We have focused on reducing Office Discipline Referrals (ODR's) in three areas. These areas were identified by looking at where we had most ODR's last year. To improve behavior in those settings we have taught lessons, introduced clearer expectations, and are reinforcing positive behaviors. We also re-teach lessons when needed. Our goal is to increase positive behaviors by reinforcing positive behaviors.
    • Our hallways are calmer with more adults in the center of hallways engaging with students in positive ways and reinforcing good behaviors.
    • In the cafeteria, we have taught lessons on cafeteria expectations, then re-taught and reinforced those expectations with the larger group (all of 7th grade) and smaller groups.
    • Morning and Afternoon dismissal is another area we focused on. With changing how kids come in, and reinforcing a calm exit from the building with more staff in the hallway, our entrance and exits are going well!
    • We have seen very few ODR's coming into the office, so the changes we have made are working!
  • Many of our clubs have started and kids are excited about the opportunities they have. If you have not looked at our club list, take a look here!

We are off to a great start and I am proud of the work I see our students doing.

Enjoy your weekend!


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ID's "OUT and ON" 100% of the Time!

Our goal is that 100% of our students and staff wear an ID 100% of the time! We do this so that staff can easily identify students, and so that we know that people in our building belong in our building. With this goal in mind:
  • If students do not have an ID on, they will either be sent to their locker to get it, or to the LRC for a one-day temporary ID (25 cents).
  • If they continue to not have it, we will make them a new one ($2 for ID, $1 for lanyard) and get it to them. We will also let them know that they need to pay the LRC if they do not have the money right away. The LRC is NOT on PushCoin so students have to bring in payments directly to the LRC.

Our goal is to give kids simple reminders to wear their ID's... No ID? Head to the LRC!

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Do You Need Help With HAC?

CLICK HERE to go to the D303 HAC page with tutorials on HAC.

A few things to note:

  • Scroll down to the second section to find the tutorials!
  • Need to update emergency contacts? You MUST CALL the main office at 331-228-3700
  • If both parents want a HAC account, EACH parent needs a separate email address to set up a separate HAC account
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HELP! Do any of our RedHawk families have access to an "badge printer"? We would like to get some plain VISITOR badges printed on hard plastic (like our student IDs') to keep in the office for our frequent school visitors. This would be an enormous help to us in expediting the security process!

If you could help us, can you contact Traci Morrison at tracelle.morrison@d303.org?
Thank you!

The Button Above Takes You To Wredling Clubs & Activities!

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The First Installment from Outdoor Ed September 4, 2018!

Outdoor Ed is a time for team-building and problem-solving. It is a time for facing and overcoming challenges. The students come home really tired, but changed for the better. Ask your Team 6-4 member about their experiences now that they have had some sleep!


On Wednesday Mrs. Bell from our PTO visited our lunch periods. She invited our students to participate in Wredling's Color Run, October 4, 2018. Check out the video with photos from previous runs and a preview of the GREAT FUN TO BE HAD THIS YEAR!!! Last year was an absolute blast with just the color - this year we have FOAM too! Get a team together and register early to get a fun SWAG bag!

Wredling Activity Calendar

This calendar is always being updated - especially at the beginning of the year! We are currently in the process of getting all of the club information on there!

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Safety & Security in D303

Wednesday, 9/26 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Thompson Middle School

6th Grade Center Cafeteria

An emergency or disaster can strike a school community at any time and can take the form of natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes. earthquakes or fires, as well as man-made accidents or criminal activity. When an event occurs during the school day, it is the responsibility of District 303 to care for and protect our most valuable resource: children.

On a regular basis, the school district works in partnership with local public safety and law enforcement officials on training and appropriate responses to emergency events.

As part of this Parent University program, presenters will discuss:

  • Secure building entrances
  • Visitor Management
  • Communication
  • Weather Alerts
  • Drills and evacuation plans
  • Lesson Plans

In addition, we will show an interview conducted by the Illinois Principals Association with Dr. Seth Chapman on his research related to school shootings.


Dr. Seth Chapman, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services

Mr. John Baird, Assistant Superintendent for Operations

Commander Chuck Pierce, St. Charles Police Department


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Wredling Middle School - Home of the Redhawks

Contact us on Twitter @ WredlingD303


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