"The Squirrel and The Rabbit"

One day a squirrel was walking and he saw a rabbit that was caught in something but he didn't know what is was. So, he went to go squirm around closer so he could see. He saw that the rabbit's tail was stuck under the trunk of a tree. The squirrel went to go save the rabbit. And the rabbit was so happy that someone finally saved him. He has been there for years and years. A few days later the rabbit saw that the squirrel was stuck under a dirty old trash can that was back in the woods. He could see his tail very easily since it was so puffy. The rabbit went over there and yanked as hard as he could to pull his tail out. The squirrel was so happy that the rabbit saved him. They both understood that they both helped each other in some way and didn't realize that until they both sat and talked and had a break from the tiring day of yanking each other to save each other. They both had happy hearts and became the two musketeers!


What goes around, comes around.