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December 3, 2021

Students Exploring Interests Through Makerspace

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After being closed down during the height of the pandemic like so many other activities, Makerspace at the elementary schools is making a comeback this year. Makerspace gives our students an opportunity to design, think creatively and problem solve. It presents students with readily-available materials as well as technology that can act as inspiration for inquiry. It is “turning knowledge into action.”

With plenty of ingenuity and creative thinking (and needed COVID protocols), scheduling, classroom spacing, and materials were considered at each school developing a modified and yet inviting program. A fitting process for this endeavor, wouldn’t you say?

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Though a scaled-back version of Makerspace, students have opportunities to work collaboratively or individually on engineering challenges, where they may test out their ideas, make adjustments, and reflect on the refinements that help improve their designs. When was the last time you designed and tested a wind-powered car? Other activities allow students to focus on ways to make their work unique through having a choice of materials, techniques, and tools to use. Try designing a sock puppet character and you’ll understand.

Offering more individualized opportunities for students to explore their own creative and engineering interests continues to be a goal for our program. It’s still a work in progress, but ingenuity and creative thinking will inevitably show results - perfect for a makerspace.

Congratulations to Shepaug Dramatics

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Once again, Shepaug Dramatics created exceptional theatre through their professional staging of The Thugs by Adam Bock. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of The Thugs for their acting, the music, the lighting, the set, the sound design, and the makeup!

For two nights and one matinee, the eight cast members performed crackling dialogue as they fired off their lines in rapid succession, creating the realism of a fast-paced legal office. With an 80's vibe, the production team pulled off the feel of a decade known for excess with music that oozed synth-wave, a slick, pomp-filled wardrobe, and smoke that filled the neon-lit air to cool the tensions raised by bad boyfriends and a rowdy workplace.
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The talent was on full display as well as the teamwork required from a dedicated and passionate cast and crew.

Excellent job Shepaug Dramatics!!

For the Bazaar

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Agriscience students created wreaths from donated trees which were, in turn, sold to the junior class for the Holiday Bazaar.
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Congratulations to Shepaug Spartan Walker Butts for being selected to the Class S First Team All-State Soccer Team!

Senior Project Spotlight

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Evan Woerner - Fixing the Lake

I am very lucky to live within walking distance of Lake Lillinonah, and because of that some of my fondest childhood memories come from my experiences on the lake. Unfortunately in recent years, the population of invasive species in Lake Lillinonah has grown considerably. The shores I once played on are now covered in sharp zebra mussels, and the water I once swam in is thickly vegetated with Eurasian milfoil. Seeing the effects of invasive species on Lake Lillinonah has motivated me to give back to the lake that gave me such a happy childhood. I hope to use my project to combat this issue by spreading awareness about this issue. I will inform lake users and people who live in towns with lake access about what they can do to aid in this fight. I plan to attend town meetings in Bridgewater and propose a project to put up permanent signs at local boat launches, and to spread this issue through the local press.

Fliers & Upcoming Events

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Region 12 Calendar

December 6 - Picture Day Retakes, Burnham School

December 6 - BOE/Finance & Operations Committee Meeting, SVS, 6pm

December 6 - BOE Meeting, SVS Library, 7pm

December 7 - NHS Induction Ceremony, SVS, 7pm

December 8 - Early Dismissal for Students Only

December 8 - PTO Meeting, BFS, 6:30pm

December 9 - WPS PTO's Hickory Stick Shopping Night, 5pm

December 9 - 8th Grade Parent/Student Night, SVS, 7pm

December 10 - PJ Day, BFS

December 10 - PTO Wreath Making Fundraiser, Burnham School

December 13 - PTO Meeting, Burnham School, 3:30pm

December 14 - Winter Concert, SVS, 6pm

December 17 - Spirit Day, BFS

December 20 - BOE/Long Range Planning Committee Meeting, SVS, 5:30pm

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