Gifted Students

3-2-1 -- Clay Greenwalt

3 Big Ideas

1. "Gifted" students aren't always gifted in every subject area. Even in closely related areas such as reading and writing, the students' skills may differ drastically.

2. According to a 1991 study, 18 to 25 percent of gifted students drop out of school.

3. Students with learning disabilities can also be considered "gifted and talented."

2 Questions

1. How do you provide a challenge for those gifted students who become "bored" or "frustrated," especially in a two-subject classroom and a PBL environment?

2. How do you prevent a student's self-confidence from going down in relation to a gifted student who might be in his or her group?

1 Action

Focus on changing my mindset toward gifted and talented students. Gifted students may often seem more emotionally developed than their peers, so I need to make an effort to remember they are usually not and interact with them accordingly.