Fernan STEM Academy Weekly Update

Week of 2/14-2/17

Upcoming Events

Winter Olympics Continue through Feb. 20th

2/11-TONIGHT! Triple Play Night: 6pm-9pm

2/14-Valentine's Day

2/15-PTA Meeting

2/17-National Random Act of Kindness Day

2/18-No School

2/21-President's Day-No School

2/28-3/3-Book Fair

2/28-3/11-SMILE Raffle Fundraiser

3/1-"Grand" Book Fair Breakfast with a grandparent or a "Grand" person--more to come!

3/3-Reading Night and PJ Day--more to come!


Join us TONIGHT for our TRIPLE PLAY Fundraiser. We can't wait to see you for some family fun!

More Information on our Triple Play fundraiser

Learn about Fernan STEM Academy's School Plan:

As we wrapped up last year, each school created a School Learning Plan to guide our work for this school year. Our staff collaborated and chose to focus our professional learning on "Planning". This focus on "Planning" includes three key attributes:

Purpose: Clarity

  • Prioritize and align standards/targets, tasks, and assessments with essential questions and enduring understandings.

  • Design demonstrations of understanding and success criteria aligned with learning intentions.

  • Learners demonstrate understanding verbally and/or through student work/artifacts.

Purpose: Life-worthiness

  • Establish relevance of current learning.

  • Engage with content that has meaning beyond the classroom and will support learners as scholars, citizens, and humans.

Purpose: Content & Process

  • Provide a conceptual framework for the discipline.

  • Pair process (practices) and content standards.

  • Model, think aloud, demonstrate and invite learners to experience the process standards integral to this area of study.

Learn about our quest for STEM Certification.

Fernan is partnering with Cognia to seek STEM Certification.

Cognia's STEM Certification guides leaders with a specific framework and improvement process, culminating in recognition for programs that demonstrate a strong and effective STEM focus.

Here are our shared goals:

  • Supporting increased student participation and engagement.
  • Creating a learning environment that combines collaboration with independence.
  • Presenting students with uniquely complex yet solvable problems.
  • Showcasing our educators’ abilities to effectively teach students of various ages.
  • Tying STEM courses to real-world applications and issues.
  • Tracking student progress accurately to celebrate success and plan further improvements.

In the future, we will share how to get involved with this process.

Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) Dates for 3rd-5th Grade Students

Save the Dates! We have a timeline to administer the ISAT to our students. Please do your best to make sure your 3rd-5th graders are here these dates:

English Language Arts ISAT Dates: April 18th-22nd

Science Date: April 26 (5th grade only)

Math ISAT Dates: May 2nd-6th

Fernan STEM Academy students are our own Olympian champions!

From our Olympic opening ceremony, to sharing our knowledge of countries participating in the Olympics, to bobsledding, we are covering 2022 Winter Olympics!