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Week of April 4, 2022

Working together; succeeding together.

We are priviledged to share Treaty 6 Territory traditional lands of the Cree, Dene, Saulteux, Ojibway and the Metis Nation.

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Slava Ukraini! Слава Україні! Героям слава!

All of the PPCS school community wishes to extend our thoughts and prayers to all of the people of Ukraine and especially their families here in our communities, our province, and our country.

Casual Custodians Needed

Do you want to work with the best team in the world? Of you course you do, who wouldn't. Good news! We are looking for casual custodians to help out Mr. Rye, Mrs. Samalla, and Mrs. Antazo when they need to be away. I hear it pays pretty good and the people you would work with are awesome. If you would like more information, please contact the school.
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Spring Fever is Here !!

The universe has a strange way of lining things up. The temperature continues to rise, the sun is shining bright. The world is beginning to emerge from beneath its wintery blanket (at least our part of the world). It is literally the season when life returns. At the same time, we are seeing normal continue to return to our lives.

I traveled to Tisdale this weekend to watch my daughter dance at Tisdale Dance Experience 2022. What a stark contrast it was to be around 100s of people (many unmasked) milling about and greeting each other with hugs and handshakes. This compared to last year, cancellation. Yes, it is fair to say that new life is being breathed into all aspects of our world, both the natural and the societal.

All of this lines up with the Easter season. Easter is a time, for those who believe, of rebirth and a fresh start. This Easter season, more than any other I hope we can all take some time to emerge from the cold, darkness of winter and the lonely darkness of the pandemic into the light of new beginnings. We recently asked our students if there was anything that we did during COVID that they would like to see stick around. Largely the answer was a resounding NO, but within that, there were some small examples of things that some students appreciated and liked. As we emerge from the darkness, it is fair to say we are not likely to ever completely return to how it was before. At the risk of sounding overdramatic; like a Phoenix, we will rise better, brighter, and more grateful than ever.

I encourage you, during this season of new beginnings to take the opportunity to tweak yourself, make some changes, or perhaps even a full overhaul. We've been through the wringer and together emerged into a beautiful sunshiny day.

PAA Seeking Projects

Is there anyone in town wanting to build a detached garage this summer / fall? Would you be interested in having the senior Industrial Arts class build it or be involved in some capacity? We are always looking for authentic ways to involve our kids in learning and in the community. If you are interested, please call the school, and ask for Mr. Riley.

Healthy Snack Ideas

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Porcupine Plain Minor Ball

Hockey is wrapping up and ball is ramping up!!

Registration for Porcupine Plain Minor Ball is now open. The deadline is April 8th (50$ late fee after the deadline)

Orientation Night will be April 6 from 5-6pm at the PPCS foyer. Everyone who is interested in playing, coaching, or managing needs to be there.

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Dress Code Update

As far as dress codes go, ours if fairly liberal in nature. We operate on two overarching principles.

1. We ask that what our students wear be designed to conceal, not reveal, and

2. Logos, images, etc on clothing be in good taste.

We fully understand that "good taste" has a component of opinion and take that into account when making decisions. We have a dress code, not to limit student expression and creativity, but rather to help our students understand that there are standards in the world to which we are all held accountable.

That being said we have noticed articles of clothing popping up that we feel, in a school setting, are not in good taste. Several students have been wearing hoodies and shirts with the Playboy Bunny logo on them. Due to the nature of the Playboy company and especially in light of recent revelations regarding the behavior of the founder, we have decided that the Playboy Bunny logo is not in good taste, for a school setting. For that reason, we can no longer allow students to wear this logo while at school. If students are seen wearing clothing displaying the name or logo, they will be asked to change, turn it inside out, or (if no other option is available) return home to change. We want to thank families in advance for their help in this matter. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Seen Around PPCS (and Beyond)

Chem 30 Testing Plastics

Chem 30 is wrapping up its study of materials science. They were given 4 plastics (PLA, PET-G, 18% Carbon Fiber PET-G and TPU) and a series of requirements (strength, plasticity, heat resistance, and insulative properties). They had to research the properties and predict which would perform best for each of the characteristics. We made prototypes for testing each characteristic using the 3D printers (thank you to Mr. Riley for your ideas and help). So far we determined that our PLA link could support nearly 250lbs of weight before it failed.

Grade 4 Art

Upcoming Events

April 7, 8, 11, 12 and 13 - SRC Spirit Week

April 7 - Moustache day (show off your craziest moustache - real or created)

April 8 - Class Color Day

Grade 12 - Pink

Grades 1 and 11 - Purple

Grades 2 and 10 - Orange

Grades 3 and 9 - Green

Grades 4 and 5 - Yellow

Grades 7 and 8 - Blue

Grade 6 and Staff - Red

April 9 - Porcupine School of Dance Recital at PPCS

April 11 - PJ Day

April 12 - Tie Dye Day

April 13 - Class Scavenger Hunt

April 14 - SIP Day (NO SCHOOL)

April 15-22 - Easter Break - NO SCHOOL

April 25 - Term 4 Begins

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We Want Fans in the Stands

We are so happy to be able to invite fans to our home games once again this year. We ask that...

  • You only come if you are feeling well.
  • Sanitize your hands upon entering and frequently while in the building
  • Show our Bears how awesome they are by cheering loudly (albeit through a mask).
  • Be considerate of the choices of others.

Hot Lunches are Back!!

Youth Group (Beyond Discovery)

Youth Group is running Fridays at the youth room. Listen to morning announcements for more details.

Awana Kids Club

For Kindergarten-Grade 6!

Awana Kids Club will begin on Thursday, Sept 9.

It’ll run each Thursday from right after school gets out until 5:10pm.

Kids can come to the old elementary school (QCP) and enter through the back double doors!

Games, live music, and learning time every week!

Free to register!

Call Heidi at 306-278-7883 or Desi at 306-865-6350 if you have any questions!

Welcome back to #bestyearever