Gregor Mendel

Founder of Genetics

Description of Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel was a monk in Austria. He found things about heredity through testing things in his garden.

Early years

Gregor Mendel was a gifted kid. He had good relationships with his teachers.

Although he had many successes he had a few struggles. He failed many tests and got angry a lot.

Pea Plant Expeariment

Gregor Mendel saw that genes come in pairs. He found from his pea plat experiment that they are in distinct units one from each parent.

Mendel found kids get their appearance from their genes from their parents. He found that they are either dominant or recessive genes.

Specific Data

1. Each time in the experiment the ratio was the same.

2. The color of the peas changed from green to yellow.

3. Only 6,022 of the 8,023 peas were yellow the rest were green.

4. The data explains what he had accomplished during his experiment.

Scientists Reactions

The scientists were confused about Mendel's plan to use pea plants to discover more about genes heredity.


He came up with the terms dominant and recessive genes. His research provided a background for scientists to learn and understand genetics more.


The term dominant means gene that will overpower another gene.

The term recessive means overpowered by dominant. Gets covered up by dominant gene.

The term co dominant means gene that is neither dominant or recessive both would show up.