Fic For Sale

By:Paige Romero


Are you a teenager trying to find your way in this confusing life? If so listen up! With Fic you can do anything you want. You may be thinking that we are just another ostentatious company trying to make money, that's where we are different. We care. And to make this offer irresistible call now and you can get your Fic in any color you want! Just call 654-321-0987 and your dreams will come true!!


Fic is not like pro or ad we help you along the way to success . With our new and improved technology it is easy to create a masterpiece . For only $10 a prefix you can be the talk of the century! Fic is the prefix of the future.

Our Story

Fic originated in 2013 when our company was having trouble thinking of a new prefix to create. We wanted to create something so amazing you would think it was FICtion. Then it hit us we would make something that helps you make something. We started right away. Today Fic is the sensation that's sweeping the nation. From the PaciFIC to the Atlantic people are enjoying the amazing prefix that if Fic.


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