Colonial Times

January 25, 2019

Happenings at Log College

January is coming to a close, and while we are in the doldrums of winter, we are just as busy as ever here at Log! Our girl's basketball and wrestling teams have wrapped up their seasons, and our boy's basketball team is just about to begin theirs. Students are currently in the process of taking core assessments, and of course the second marking period is coming to a close. Please take the time to check Skyward and Canvas to make sure that your child has turned in all of their assignments. If you have questions regarding grading, please reach out to their teachers.

Some upcoming dates to mark in your calendars:

January 29th- End of 2nd Marking Period

January 30th- Inservice Day: No School

February 4th- 2 Hour Delay

February 8th- Winter Dance @ 7:00 PM

February 15th- Early Dismissal: PM Inservice

February 18th- President's Day: No School

Clubs at Log College

Log College has had a banner year with our clubs and activities! This year we have more clubs than we have had in recent memory! Over the next few editions of Colonial Times, we will spotlight one or two of those clubs in each issue. This week we are spotlighting our News Crew!

Broadcasting Crew

Every morning the students and staff are welcomed to the day with a live broadcast of the daily announcements. Students have been trained to perform various jobs involving production and broadcasting. The job schedule rotates to allow students to experience the different aspects of each position. During this time, students and staff hear an “Honor Quote”, the Log news of the day, sports and activities updates, the lunch menu, and our motto of “Live Safely, Own Responsibility, and Give Respect”.

Embracing Boredom Facilitates Deep Thought

We are increasingly reliant on technology in today's world. While adults remember a time before cell phones and other devices (yes...we remember VCRs too!), our children have been raised in a world where there have always been cell phones. In fact, there are students at Log College who have never lived in a world without the iPhone. While these devices have provided a great deal of convenience, they have also have led to people being addicted to using them. Below is a quote and link to an article that talks of the importance of taking a break from tech and allowing time for 'boredom.' Take a few moments to read through the article and see if it is something that you would be interested in pursuing at home!

“The ability to concentrate is a skill that you have to train if you expect to do it well...If you always whip out your phone and bathe yourself in novel stimuli at the slightest hint of boredom, your brain will build a Pavlovian connection between boredom and stimuli, which means that when it comes time to think deeply about something (a boring task, at least in the sense that it lacks moment-to-moment novelty), your brain won’t tolerate it.”

Core Assessments

In August of 2017, the Centennial School District created policy to offer core assessments for all Log College and Klinger Middle School students. Over the course of the school year, Log College will be providing the core assessments in the “core four” (Science, Math, English, and Social Studies). These skill-based assessments vary in number for the 2018-19 school year. There are currently 2-3 assessments per subject area and will be 4 assessments per subject area in the 2019-20 school year. These assessments will make up 20% of each student’s overall grade in each of the core four subject areas. Currently, core assessment grades are stored in Skyward under C1, C2, and C3.

Winter Dance

Log College's annual winter dance is coming soon! This year's dance is on Friday, February 8th at 7:00 PM. Please see the link below for additional information.

Eighth Grade Breakfast

Please review this link regarding the June 2019 8th Grade Recognition Breakfast. The breakfast serves as a way for students and their families to reflect upon their experiences at Log College. In addition to the breakfast, some students will receive individual awards. Today, 8th grade students received permission forms from their 1st Period Teachers. I urge you to take a look at the form since payment is involved to attend and the event has been traditionally well-attended.

From The Nurse

All students in Grade 6 need a physical examination, this should include the required immunzations for 7th grade (Tdap & Meningococcal). The physical examination form needs to be completed by your child’s doctor and returned to the school nurse.

Students in Grade 7 need a dental examination. The dental examination form needs to be completed by your child’s dentist and returned to the school nurse.

Form are available on our website or in the nurse's office.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the school nurse.

Thank you for your ongoing support, as we strive to keep the children of LCMS safe and healthy!

Winter Weather

Winter is here, and while it has been fairly mild so far, it is highly likely that winter weather is going to be a very real possibility in the coming weeks and months. Please stay tuned to local news outlets, Centennial SD's social media accounts, and Log College's social media accounts for updates on delays and cancellations.

Attendance Procedures

Please be sure to turn in absence excuse notes within three (3) days of your child's return to school. Absences will remain unexcused until notes or turned in or if the three day window is exceeded. If your child has 10 or more cumulative days of absence, a doctor's note is required for all absences past 10 days.

Absence excuse notes can also be emailed to Log College at the following address:

For family trips during the school year, a Family Trip Request Form must be submitted to the Principal at least two weeks (10 school days) prior to your trip. All requests submitted less than 10 days prior will be denied.