Gulledge Staff

Friday Focus January 11-15, 2016


College Week


2:45-4:00 Chess Club & Drama Club


1st Grade - Outdoor Learning Center

5:00-6:30 PTA Meeting / Science Fair Viewing


Deni and Karen out in the morning - iLead Meeting

3:00-4:00 Team Leader Meeting



5th Grade Robinson Fine Arts Visit

Coming up:

STEAM WEEK December 14-18

Wishing you happy holidays~

We have the most dedicated teachers and staff members who give so much of themselves to our children. It’s amazing to see the passion and heart you put in, daily, to connect with and teach the children. Love~ Deni and Karen

ESL Corner from Doris Ratenski

The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo offers 300 strategies set in 13 overarching goals that cover the beginner reader to writing about reading. Engaging anchor charts can be copied to aid students in remembering the skill.

Here is one goal/skill (starting from pre-emergent/emergent readers):

1.11 Move Your Body, Remember the Words

“…it is helpful to incorporate gestures and body movements to help the story stick.” For example, mime along with the antics in Caps for Sale:

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