4 Levels of Industry

Kierslyn Gertsen

Level 1- Agricultrual

Definition- Gathering and processing raw materials.

Ex: cotton

This is the beginning of the cotton's journey. This cotton is about to make its way to the manufacturing company. Let's see what his journey looks like!

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Level 2- Manufacturing

Definition- Turning a raw material into a product.

Ex: cakes

The cotton has made its way to the manufacturer. The cotton has been turned into a variety of colored shirts.

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Level 3- Wholesale, Transportation, & Retail

Definition- Wholesale: Sell products to retailers- Ex: storage warehouse

Transportation: Takes products from wholesaler to retailer.- Ex: truck

Retail: Sell products to consumers.- Ex: TJ Maxx

The products have been stored in a warehouse waiting for the truck to take them to their new home.

Now the products are in the truck, they will be delivered to the store where they will be bought by consumers.

The shirts have arrived at the TJ Maxx store. They are now being bought by many customers all around the world bringing in a ton of money.

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Level 4- Service

Definition- Marketing or advertising a product.

Ex: magazines

The shirts have been bought because people love reading magazines. The customers have read a magazine stating that TJ Maxx is having a sale or has new clothes and people rush into to buy them before they run out or the prices raise from the demand of the clothes.

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TJ Maxx Commercial

This video is a commercial from TJ Maxx.
T.J.Maxx Commercial with Lindsey Calla