Buy Sulfur Now!

Gunpowder, paper and more, sulfur is great, that's for sure!

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What is it?

Sulfur is an element on the periodic table that plays an essential role in our lives. Branded with the symbol "S" this element has 16 protons, neutrons, and electrons, giving it the atomic number of 16 making its mass 32.06.

How can I buy it?

Sulfur costs $24.00 for each 100g and can be purchased at places like Walgreens! Why should you buy sulfur? Well it can do everything of course! Sulfur is mainly used for gunpowder, matches, insulation, paper, rubber, fertilizer, and different fumigants. These things are very to modern day life and without sulfur, most wouldn't exist!
Made by Gabrielle Fussell in 3A