PerfecX Inc.

With Inspiration and Imagination We Create Office Innovation

Industry Leader in Eco Friendly Office Supplies

Our corporation strives itself to produce quality top of the line office supplies while also doing our part to help protect and save the environment.

Introducing the Mistake Obliterator

A revolutionary new product from PerfecX Inc. that uses a radical new design that is affordable and Eco-friendly. The Mistake Obliterator uses recycled plastics to create its new design that includes a full-body eraser that will obliterate all your mistakes!
Come get The Mistake Obliterator for only $7.99 while supplies last!

Swifty Sharp Pencil Sharpener

Our new and futuristic Swifty Sharp pencil sharpener uses top quality recycled aluminum for a solid, durable body, and also is rechargeable through a USB port at the bottom of the sharpener! This revolutionary new product can only be bought in a pack with the new Mistake Obliterator pencil so get yours before they're gone!