From The Admin Team 9/29/2020

Bernice Kiker Elementary School

The Surveys Are In! Thank You!

Now that the surveys are in, we will spend time reviewing each teacher's class list. The chart of who is eligible to start each week will be confirmed by your teachers for those who opted for in-person learning. If you plan to stay remote, you are all set!

If we exceed the 25% limit for the October 5 start date, we will reach out to everyone by Wednesday at the latest. Although we don't foresee having to move some in-person students to the following week, we want to ensure you are aware of the possibility. In addition we will notify parents with class change options in classrooms where the number of students returning to on campus learning prohibits 6' distancing between desks.

GT Nomination Window 9/21 -10/2

We will accept nominations for Gifted and Talented testing for two weeks, from 9/21 -10/2.

The identification process for the gifted program at Kiker Elementary School is set to begin. The process includes several steps: nomination, screening, and selection. Information considered in the decision includes parent/guardian observations, teacher input, collection of a portfolio of student work, and standardized assessments. The GT nomination and assessment window will only happen once this year. Students who are already identified as GT do not need to be reevaluated. Students identified as Talent Explore may be re-nominated for GT identification.

Please also note that the nomination process is time sensitive. All nominations are due by 10/2 at 4:00. For more information, you are invited to attend a parent/family session via Zoom on September 29 at 5:00 pm. Register for the Zoom link by filling out this form before 3:00 pm on the 29th. Thank you! To nominate your child, please complete the observation checklist below.

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Upcoming Events

9/21- 10/2 GT Nomination window

9/29 5:00 pm GT Parent information session - register to attend before 3:00 on 9/29. Zoom link will be sent out between 3:00 and 4:00.

10/2 Morning Meeting during 1st synchronous time, then asynchronous day

10/5 Week 5 - Pre-K and Kinder students who selected in-person learning begin, children of AISD employees, and students who receive support through SCORES, ECSE, or Life Skills.

10/12 - NO LONGER A STUDENT HOLIDAY, this is now a regular school day

10/12 Week 6 - All students who began week 5, plus 1st and 2nd graders who opted for in-person learning, students who receive dyslexia intervention, and students who receive resource pull out groups through special education.

10/19 Week 7 -All students who began in-person learning week 5 and 6, plus 3rd and 4th graders who opted for in-person learning

10/26 Week 8 - Any student who opted for in-person learning can begin


October 2 - Extra Asynchronous Time

On Friday, October 2, all classes will use their first synchronous time for a morning meeting and check in. The rest of the day will be asynchronous. Staff will use this time to prepare classrooms with the exact number of desks based on survey results, test all edu-displays and on-campus technology, and review safety protocols for staff/students who are on campus, etc. We thank you for your understanding.

We continue to appreciate your kindness and flexibility. Please feel free to reach out to our admin team with any questions.

October 12 holiday moved to November 3

Austin ISD Board Designates Election Day as

Student Holiday

The Austin ISD Board of Trustees approved an update to the 2020-21 school year calendar, changing the Oct. 12 student holiday to Election Day, Nov. 3.

To accommodate a student holiday for Election Day, the district moved the professional development day, previously scheduled for Monday, Oct. 12, to Nov. 3, federally recognized Election Day.

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Look Who Got a Rave

Abbey Raymond - "She provides clear communication to parents and kids alike, always puts on a happy face, finds solutions to problems and has managed pandemic teaching like a pro."

Crissie Dow - "We are new to the district and Ms. Dow jumped right in to guide and support our transition."

Carolyn McKaskle - "She is working magic making each student feel known and cared for while somehow infusing academics. She makes the chaos of kindergarteners using Zoom look effortless. I cannot sing her praises enough for the hard work she has put in developing a predictable, engaging, caring environment that my child can count on during these uncertain and unnerving times."

Nicole Dean - "She is organized and efficient. She represents 2nd grade well with her experience and thoughtfulness. She is one of the most hard working people I know! I am so glad to have her at Kiker."

Cory Matheny - "Cory has shown such grace during her entire time at Kiker."

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iPad Updates

iPAD IMPROVEMENTS: Beginning September 26, Austin ISD iPads will have two layouts for the home screen, which change by day and time. There is a “school layout” and a “home layout.”

School Layout:

• Activated from 7:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday

• This is the layout that has been on the iPads for the past couple of weeks.

• The layout of the apps is the same for all iPads across the District. This lets teachers easily reference the location of a desired app. (For example:, “Click the second app in the first row.”)

• Families are NOT able to delete or rearrange apps during the “school layout” hours.

Home layout:

• Activated during all other hours

• The iPad will return back to the family’s customized iPad organization. This lets families organize the apps in a way that makes the most sense to them.

• Families WILL be able to delete unwanted apps and rearrange apps during the “home layout” hours. To delete or organize apps, press and hold an app icon.

Please note: The iPads have 32GB of storage, approximately 13GB of which is required for District configurations. Families who run out of storage should delete apps and videos during “home layout” hours.

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Chromebook Repair and Hot Spot Update

We are only able to swap and replace a broken Chromebook when we have inventory available. We currently do not have available. Please call first if you are having Chromebook issues. Crockett ECHS is still able to solve these issues:

Austin ISD Computer Curbside

Safe repairs and returns for Austin ISD Chromebooks

Computer Curbside locations are open from 9:30a.m. to noon, Monday-Friday at the following locations:

  • The AISD Performing Arts Center (1500 Barbara Jordan Blvd; enter garage from east; exit only to Mueller)
  • Crockett ECHS, 5601 Manchaca Road

Computer Curbside services include:

  • Returning an AISD computer
  • Cracked screens
  • Computers that won’t turn on
  • Broken Keyboards
  • Broken Chargers

Students whose devices are working but who need technical support should call the student help desk at 512-414-4357.

Visit for more information, or for service changes and approximate wait times at each location.

Austin ISD staff can also return computers and drop them off for repairs at these locations.

Families Must Bring:

  1. Your Chromebook
  2. Your charger (if you have one)
  3. A piece of paper with:
    • The student's full legal name
    • The student's ID number
    • A description of the problem "won't turn on," "cracked screen," etc.

Replacements are only available until supplies last each day. Your old computer will not be returned to you.


We have had many reports that hotspots are running out of data because it is getting close to the 20GB number in the LED or concerns about the message in LED that says cycle ends [date], these messages are cosmetic and do not have an effect on Unlimited usage. The 20GB message is a default setting and is not true - The T-Mobile hotspots are Unlimited data. If you believe you have one let us know the Unit# but we recommend to continue to use it. The cycle end message is just the monthly timeline and has no effect on usability of the device.

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Name The Mascot

Our Comet mascot needs a name! We used spirit day to launch the opportunity to name the mascot. All submissions are due by 10/9/2020. Use this link to submit an idea.
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New Assessments: MAP Growth

AISD has adopted a new assessment tool for all students in Kindergarten through 5th grade called MAP Growth. MAP Growth can be completed while students are working remotely or in-person. This assessment monitors student progress and is designed with questions about items the students know as well as items students haven't learned yet. All AISD students will take the MAP Growth multiple times this year to monitor academic progress.

How can you help?

Please allow the child to take the assessment without providing answers.

Please help your child understand that they are not supposed to know everything on the test! It is GREAT if there are things they don't know how to do. When they take the test again throughout the year, it will show how much they are growing.

Please help your child understand this is not for a grade.

Free and Reduced Meal Applications

As of 9/3, ALL Austin ISD students will receive FREE meals through December 2020. No documentation is needed for students to receive free meals through December, however schools need to continue to collect meal benefit applications from families who are not directly certified through state-funded programs. If you are eligible for free or reduced lunches, please make sure you have applied prior to December. Click here for more information.

Bernice Kiker Elementary Administration Team

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Alma Chapa Moore - Assistant Principal

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