ProQuest Is Better

What is ProQuest? Better than what? Better for what?

What is ProQuest?

ProQuest is a subscription database.
It offers library-focused research tools.

What is a database?

A database is a collection of information.

So you have valid reliable sources to use for research.

ProQuest is better than what?

Traditional search engines. Google is wonderful but can lead to a mind-blowing number of results not all focused on what you want to find.

ProQuest is better for what?

Searching for valid sources with the MLA citation information done for you.

Just icing on the cake.

How to I find ProQuest?

It is always on the MHS Library Page.

In School, click below

The link above is a direct link and requires no login.

If Out of School, click below

ProQuest Outside of School

Username : mhslibrary
Password: quaker

What will I see?

Below are the icons you will see on the screen.

What to do first

Let's Get Started!

Select eLibrary
Enter boats as the search term.
Scroll the list. Look to see what icons you can see.
If you hover over them, they will tell you what it is.
If you hover over the magnifying glass on the opposite end, it will load a preview of the item.

Look at the left hand side of the page.
Here is where you can narrow your search. Limit type or time frame.

Click on the first source -- "The Country"
Look around!
Did you find the "Listen Button" ? -- Yes you can listen to it.
Did you find the MLA citation for the source?
Either select "citation view" or scroll to the bottom.

These are just some of the tools to help you with your research projects!