Nile River

All you need to know about Egypt.


  • The Nile was valuable for trade and transportation because they can travel in boats by the help of Nile.
  • The Nile river was highway.
  • Egypt offer papyrus, gold, linen, high-quality (to built things) and cattle.


  • They could grow many crops near the Nile River after it flooded.
  • Farming and the calendar divided into 3 seasons- (1) Flood, (2) Planting and Growing (3) Harvest.
  • When the Nile River flooded, water, mud and silt from the river was washed up over the river banks creating a fertile growing area.

Physical Feature

  • Pyramids, status, mummy's.
  • The Nile is the longest river in the whole world.
  • The Nile River is filled with narrow cliffs, boulders, and wild rapids.

Daily Life

  • Homes were made of mud bricks and mortar.
  • The Nile River was provide for drinking, taking baths, cooking, wash clothes, wash dishes, etc.
  • The Upper class hunted birds in papyrus marshes.