Home of the Cardinal

Land and Economy

You would love to live in the state of Ohio because it is a big, beautiful state. Ohio is the thirty-fourth largest state in the United States! Ohio is the seventh most populated state in the United States. If you have a boat or like to fish, you’re in luck! Lake Plain is a lake in the northern part of Ohio. The Appalachian Plateaus are divided into two parts, the northeast and the southeast. The northeast is flattened by huge glaciers and the southeast has big hills which is good for sledding in winter. Ohio has very rich soil which is used for farming. The Till Plains are flatlands which are great for mining because of their beds of clay, sand, and gravel. Ohio has coal, limestone, sand, gravel, and salt which is also used for mining. Factories in Ohio make iron, steel, soap, rubber tires, rubber band, and hoses.
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Culture and Interesting Facts

Not only does Ohio offer good jobs but they also have a lively culture. Ohio has two NFL football teams; the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals. Ohio means “large” or “beautiful” in the Iroquois language. Ohio has many symphony orchestras, ballet companies, and museums where paintings and sculptures are shared. The capital of Ohio is Columbus. The state motto is “with God all things are possible”. In 1933, the state bird of Ohio became the cardinal. In 1988, the state animal of Ohio became the White-Tailed deer. In 1904, the state flower of Ohio became the scarlet carnation. The state song of Ohio is “Beautiful Ohio” because the land is known for its beauty. The average temperature in Ohio is 73 degrees in degree. The average temperature in Ohio is 28 degrees during the month of January. So buy your tickets and come on down to Ohio!

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