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Now you might wonder, when things are so simple then what is it that is stopping blood to rush in when men are sexually aroused or in mood for making it out with their lover or girl friend. As mentioned above the enzyme which is responsible for this condition actually constricts the blood vessels thereby not allowing free passage of blood in the penile region. If this is corrected then you can assume yourself to have gained victory over sexual dysfunction by attaining a hard erection which will hold on for an hour or till completion of the sex act with your lover. The million dollar question is how does one achieve this, the answer is the wonder pill called Viagra which if popped in an hour before going to bed with her will do the trick and she will be nothing less than amazed at your performance because Viagra has its influence on you for the next six to seven hours

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Be wise and consult your cardiologist as well before you wish to be put on Viagra so that the GP along with cardiologist can device a medication plan to manage your heart as well as your libido. Speaking of libido I feel worth mentioning here that Viagra has nothing to do with enhancing or increasing your male libido in any way

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That’s not what Viagra is meant for as a matter of fact if you had taken your daily dose of Viagra in the morning and rushed to work, you will forget that you had taken this love pill unless you are sexually aroused by one of your female colleagues or are about to have it with your girl friend.