Bessie Coleman

First African-American women to fly


Bessie Coleman was brave because she was the first African-american women to fly. Also, because blacks were not treated right at the time. ( Hundreds of years ago, in America, African-American people were not allowed to go to flying school. )


Bessie Coleman was daring because she did airshows and would risk her life to do it. Bessie died when she was in a airshow. :(

She was daring enough to do it.

Bessie Coleman - Intersesting facts

Bessie Coleman was an amazing person. Know why? If you don't... I can tell you! Well, let's start when she got her first job. Bessie's first job was being a laundress. Although, she was good at the job, she wanted to quit. She did. Later on, in Bessie's life she got married to Claude Glenn. But, soon the two separated. So again, Bessie became a laundress. She worked there for a few more years. After being, a laundress again, she quit. She had another dream. Being the first African-American pilot. ✈️


Bessie Coleman was powerful because she tried to change the way blacks were treated. She became the first African-american women to fly. And I mean the first African-american women pilot. She was a very powerful world changer.

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