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Tips for Managing Video Games at Home

Parenting is tough enough already, but add in a gamer teen and it can get even more complicated! Plus with the ever-growing options of consoles, subscriptions, and games, it can be confusing! In this edition of our parent newsletter, AoP Tech looks at some practical tips for gaming at home.

  • The privacy settings are often forgotten on gaming consoles in the excitement of playing! Gaming consoles also have privacy and security features, just like our phones or computers. Simply google the name of your console along with "privacy and security settings" and you should be able to find a list - these settings for Xbox are a great example!
  • Pay attention to the ratings on video games - they are there for a reason! While you know your child and their maturity level best, these ratings can offer you as the parent a good baseline to start the decision-making process.
  • If you are concerned that your child isn't learning, look for games that allow students to create like Minecraft or Toca Boca. Building a world offers students a chance to use their creativity and critical thinking while playing a fun game!
  • Find games you can play as a family! Whether it's a nostalgic throwback to your own youth or a new family favorite, playing together can be a fun experience!
  • Finally, remember that kids need downtime too and that all video games are bad. Instead, focus on setting a reasonable time limit together. For younger children, put the timer somewhere visible to help them learn to manage their time. Older children can use a 5-minute warning to help them save their progress before wrapping up. Together, your family can help establish a better balance with all screens.

Check out below a video on Common Sense Video about Fortnite and click the button to read their video game reviews! These are two great resources for helping you make the best decisions you can for your child!

Common Sense Media Video Game Reviews

Common Sense Media has a library of video game reviews for parents. Check it out!

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