Mrs. Doody's Class

Week Of September 19th-23rd

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please click on the link below to sign up for a conference date and time. I always look forward to having the time to sit and talk about all the wonderful things your child has accomplished.



This week we will continue our "launching" unit for reader's workshop. I am reading "Edward's Eyes" as a class read aloud. The read aloud has led to great class discussion as well as provided me an opportunity to stop and model how readers think aloud about their reading. Each child has chosen a realistic fiction book from our class library to read independently. They are working on jotting their thinking as they read and using evidence from their book to support their claims.


This week we will spend much of our time generating topic ideas using various strategies such as first times, last times, incidents, emotions, favorite people, and special places. Our other focus will be on zooming into our topic to make it a "small moment" story. Typically the kids want to write about their entire trip to Cedar Point or all about their dog. I push them to zoom into ONE thing that stands out from a trip, or ONE special/funny/sad story about a pet. By the end of the week I will be pushing the kids to choose a stand out topic and begin drafting a personal narrative piece.


Last week I was very impressed with how quickly our fraction knowledge came flooding back (thank goodness!!). We will begin the week by reviewing how to find a common denominator in order to add, subtract, or compare fractions. We will then move on to simplifying fractions and finding a lowest common denominator. You should expect to see homework most nights this week.

Math Problem Of The Day: Student Leaders

One of the things student often struggle with the most in math is problem solving. Each day we start our math lesson off with a problem of the day that challenges the kids to reread the problem, pick out important information, identify a strategy and most importantly build their stamina and be willing to try (and often fail) to find a solution. This year I have started assigning "student leaders" to help teach a mini lesson to a group of peers who struggled with the problem. So far the kids have responded wonderfully and are enjoying learning from one another.

Addams PTA

We are extremely fortunate to have such an active PTA at Addams. Many volunteers work extremely hard throughout the year to provide valuable opportunities and experiences for our students. If you have not already done so, please join our PTA and help support our wonderful community of learners. Here is a link to the membership form.
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Important Dates and Events

September 21st: Late Start

September 23rd: Fall Festival @ 6

September 26th: Camp Tamarack Field Trip