Stella & Dot Rockstar Challenge

We Are Going to Hold 125 Trunk Shows in May

Ladies- Some of you have amazing trunk show schedules for May and some of you have expressed your concern for your May schedules, so... I thought I would INJECT some fun into booking! Let's get the paddles out STAT and shock our businesses!!! Here is your TEAM UP challenge. We thought it would be fun for you to work together- so find a booking partner or I can help you find one( I have started a new group facebook page that I would like everyone to join. I will add everyone to it that I am FRIENDS with on facebook), so please FRIEND me if you have not already- I am Katie Hendrickson Bullen. And Lead stylists and above- please add your team member to the group also. You can also do this challenge as a solo artist, but teaming up doubles your chances of winning!

For every new trunk show that you book between now and May 10th (trunk show has to take place in May) you will get a sticky note up on the wall, and every sticky not will go into a draw for 2 new tote bags!! If you partner up with someone and their name is drawn- you win too! I will start a team up thread on our new facebook page, so when you get a new booking post there. We will also have a separate thread to declare your partner and to find a partner!!


Here are some fun ideas for trunk shows:

1)Office Show! These are usually easier to book in tight, and the hostess doesn't even have to clean or provide a snack. Do you know someone who works in an office that has a board room/lunchroom where you can set up your jewelry? The hostess can email everyone in the office and let them know you are going to be there.

2) Mother /Daughter Tea Party- it can be done a few different ways. Mothers and their young daughters where the mothers buy for their your fashionistas, or it can be done with women my age and their mothers. They can take care of some Mother's Day gifts for each other 9 and I think no matter how old your daughter is- Mothers always want to treat their daughters to some fun sparkly things!

3) Fundraising trunk shows- Who do you know who is involved in a charity? Charities would love to have some free jewels to raffle off at a silent auction. If they would prefer money than you can donate part of you commissions to the charity and you keep the free jewelry.

4)Book club trunk show- So many women these days are part of a book club (or wine club) You could come to one of their meetings where the lookbook is the book they are discussing that month. Talk about all of the fashion trends!

5)Individual orders trunk show- It only takes 4 unique orders totaling $300 to count as a trunk show. Why not advertise a mystery hostess party. Anyone who purchases under the party will be in a drawing to win the free hostess rewards!

6)Spring Bling Trunk Show- Why not do your own summer collection launch show at your house. Invite all of your VIP guests to come view all of the new totes bags and jewelry. Let the people you are inviting know it is an exclusive bag launch for your VIP guests! everyone loves to feel IMPORTANT!

7) Theme trunk shows- How about a muffins and mimosas daytime trunk show, Style Makes Me Happy Hour, Jewels by The Pool, or a Cinco DeMayo party!!!!!


Wow we added 12 new women to our team in April!!! I bet if we all worked together I think we could add another 20 women to our team this month! With the new tote bag collection we need more stylists all over the country, Canada, The UK, Germany, and Puerto Rico. Who do you know who you could share the opportunity with? For ever women you sponsor in May your name will go into the drawing twice for a new tote!


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