Africa History

By: Sarah Locher

Colonization/Slave Trade Map

This map is an example of colonization in Africa. It shows all the countries that attended the Berlin Conference such as: Italy, Britain, France, Portugal, Germany, Spain, and Belgium. The Berlin Conference was a meeting in Berlin to discuss how European countries would divide Africa, and how much land they would each get. After the Berlin Conference Africa was divided into the groups below. As you see there is also an Independent category. This represents the two countries in Africa that were not colonized by Europeans, those two countries are Ethiopia and Liberia. When Europeans colonized Africa they were looking for slaves to do labor work back in Europe, but once slavery ended they were looking for wealth, land, and resources. This was an example of Colonialism and Imperialism because Europe is gaining land by taking over other countries which extends their size.
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Apartheid in Soth Africa Timeline

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21st Century Issues in Africa Chart

This chart is a comparison of diseases in Africa and death rates. In it I have included statistics and examples of each. While making this chart I have found out that diseases kill many million of people per year in Africa. I also found that AID's is the leading cause for those deaths. In Africa 3.5-41 of 1000 people die per year! This is a huge issue to the African community and is decreasing their population.
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Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africas Independence

The Pan-African Movement led to the African Union and it's fights for improved living conditions in Africa it also is the beginning of the nationalism movement. Pan-African means that there is a global African community around the world. Nationalism is taking a strong pride in ones country and wanting self government. This movement led to the independence of Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Kenya got it's independence by force. They felt their land was taken unfairly and organized the Mau Mau to fight the British. Many Kenyans died in the action, but barley any British soldiers died. In 1963 the first democratic election in Kenya was held and Kenya was now independent.

Nigeria got it's independence peacefully. When the British got control of Nigeria they divided it into two colonies. Both colonies set political parties into action and by October 1, 1960 got their independence without needing to fight.

South Africa had to fight for their independence. In 1948 the Nationalist party was elected to power and established Apartheid. Apartheid is the discrimination of races in South Africa. It's also the reason why the ANC was formed. With ANC people fought for their equality until the 1990's when they had their first democratically elected president and brought an end to apartheid.