Team News 9.8

Daring Greatly in Faith, Academics, & Service for SMCS

Come, Holy Spirit!

Here we go, week 5!

We will be meeting with parents at the end of the week. Please be sure to follow up with any families that have not signed up by Tuesday. Progress reports will not be distributed at this time. This is a check in, getting to the family and setting up any tutoring or BSF times. I will send you a check list tomorrow!


Ms. Salazar

September Challenge: Building Relationships #GoodNewsCalls!

This month we have a challenge--making one good call a week---you can make the call or you can take the student to the office so the student can make the call home. Share joy from the classroom--asked a great question, helped a student understand something, read to the class, etc.

Take pictures/video of yourself or the student calling home and email my way. Prizes coming your way!!

Admin will be participating too!

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Sharing Goals

Research says that when we publicly share our goals we are more likely to meet them.

Our admin goal will be getting out of the office and spending time with you in 4x5s over the next quarter. Mrs. Cortez and I would like to be in at least 4 classrooms for 5 minutes at least 4 days a week to join you in the fun and support your students' learning. No need to do anything when we pop in. We will share notes with you during planning and want to hear your own goals!

Reminders and Updates

  • Make sure you have 2 grades for each subject taught every day per week entered in by Sunday evening. 1 grade for subjects not taught daily per week. Grade deadlines are fast approaching!
  • Send at least one picture to me via text each week of something from your classroom.
  • If you'd like....Send me your gratitude each week by Sunday via text or email and I will include in our newsletter. See bottom of newsletter.

New Team Member: Mrs. Medina

Mrs. Jennifer Fazio-Medina will be joining us Part-Time starting Monday from 8AM to 1PM as a teaching assistant for Kindergarten!! Join me in welcoming Mrs. Medina!!

Meet Mrs. Medina

My name is Jennifer Fazio-Medina. I am from Iowa originally. San Antonio is great and I have met lots of amazing people, but I still really miss my family and having 4 seasons! I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa many years ago. I am a proud mom of 3 amazing kids. My oldest son is a senior at Cole High school, my middle son is a sophomore at Cole and my daughter is very fortunate to be a 2nd grader here at St Monica! I currently coach gymnastics a couple nights a week and am so excited to to be assisting Mrs. Bazany with the sweet kindergarten kiddos. I LOVE kids!

I have competed in bodybuilding, and power lifting. I have also taught all kinds of fitness classes ranging from senior water aerobics, to spinning, to kickboxing and a few others. I have volunteered to lead fitness classes with teachers after school (wink, wink teachers) and also for the JROTC at Cole.

My favorite way to spend free time is, of course with my kids. I also LOVE to dance!

I am so thankful for this opportunity!

Grading Deadlines

Progress Report Quarter 1: Grades complete by Sunday, September 17

Report Card Quarter 1: Grades AND Skill Sets complete by 7PM on Wednesday, October 16

Progress Report Quarter 2: Grades complete by Sunday, Nov. 17

Report Card Quarter 2: Grades AND Skill Sets due by Thursday, December 19 at 7PM.

Progress Report Quarter 3: Grades complete by Sunday, Feb 9th.

Report Card Quarter 3: Grades and Skill Sets due by March 17 at 7PM.

Progress Report Quarter 4: Grades complete by Sunday, April 19.

8th Grade Report Card: Grades complete by May 22.

Kinder to 7th Grade: Take grades and complete until May 29.

Who Signed Up For My Club? Reminder starts Monday! Click Below to See

Who signed up for conferences? Click below. If any of your families are missing, please contact by Tuesday.

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Interactive Bulletin Boards

Missed our Team Meeting? Minutes and Notes here!

School Schedules: Duty, Classroom and Contact Information

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Teacher Give Aways!

This Week's Scheduled Interruptions/Off Campus/Subbing

Out Monday to Friday: Ms. Vilma--Mr. Patrick to Sub from 12:45PM to 3:00PM for PreK 4

Ms. Cortez and Ms. Salazar to support ASC until 5PM as needed.

Monday, September 9:

AM Ms. Tamez Out, Ms. Julie to Sub

10AM Ms. Rosa Out, Back in Afternoon

Tuesday, September 10: Ms. Ortiz in Charge!!!

Ms. Salazar at Principals meeting until 2PM, Arch Meeting at 3PM

11AM to 1:30PM: Ms. Cortez and Ms. Sheila at HEB Partnership Luncheon

Ms. Cortez out in AM until 1:30PM

Ms. Rosa at Arch Meeting at 3PM

Ms. Sheila leaving at 4PM, Mrs. Cortez to cover ASC until 6PM.

Wednesday, September 12

8AM to 12PM: Ms. Hajek Out, Ms. Julie to sub

Conferences after school. Dinner provided.

Friday, September 13

Ms. Daigle out all day, Mrs. Torres to sub for 2nd and 1st

Early Dismissal, Conferences after School. Lunch provided.

If you're not on here, I don't have it in Paylocity or Email. Please let me know ASAP.

Mass Information

This week's leaders: 3rd Grade

September 20: Middle School

September 27: 2nd Grade

October 4: 1st Grade

Please always confirm readers and begin practicing with them by Tuesday. Please email your assignments to Ms. Cortez and Ms. Salazar by Wednesday.

September Duty

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September Birthdays

9.25: Mrs. Brooks

Gratitude from the past week

Thank you to...

  • Ms. Cortez and Ms. Moncrief for helping with the High School Fair and staying late.
  • Each of you for your creative clubs and extra tutoring!
  • Our team for supporting our new teachers in mentorship--4th grade did AWESOME at Mass.
  • Coach Garcia for potty patrol at Mass and saving a student locked in the bathroom.
  • Coach Garcia, Coach Bazany for motivating our students and getting them so excited for sports! Thank you for your afterschool and weekend duties.
  • Mrs. Daigle for problem-solving our computers to get our testing up and running.
  • Ms. Molly for organizing our St. Vincent de Paul!!
  • Ms. Sissy for daring greatly with our breakfast roll out.
  • All of you that jumped in to support last-minute subbing requests last week.
  • All of the unnoticed yet appreciated ways each of you helps our school remain firmly rooted.