Middle Earth: In India

Where is middle earth exactly?

What about India?

India is a place which contains the Himalayas. It is very mountainous in the North and the people living there speak Hindi. Most Indians are Hindus. Also, Mount Everest is in the Himalayas.

Why India?

Why would India be a good Middle Earth? First of all, India has TONS of mountains in the North. There aren't any people living in the mountains if not then small settlements which makes it look even more like middle earth containing small houses. Also, just because there is mountains doesn't mean that it will look like middle earth... You need a landscape that looks like Middle Earth too. India has both the mountains and the landscape.

Why is India the BEST middle earth?

India is full of mountains and small villages that makes it look even more like middle earth. It also has many different animals. In the mountain region (the Himalayas), not too many people live there and the people who do live there have very small houses that look cozy like Hobbit holes. Middle earth is filled with many mysteries and so is India. of all places that look like middle earth, India is the most like it.


so, where is middle earth again? Of course, it is in India. Why? There are HUGE mountains there and there are many scenes that look like middle earth. It also has many small homes and grazing animals like in the Hobbit. The Himalayas look exactly like middle earth. Next time you read the Hobbit, think of India.
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