Re: Aquasol Trip & Nominations

Trip Fee Payment:

  • The cost of the trip is $1,500 inclusive of transportation & entrance fee to the beach
  • The deadline for the payment of fees is Wednesday March 6th.
Payment can be made between the hours of 1-3pm in the DOMS computer lab. Zellmar or Jevaughn will be available to collect fees. If necessary you may contact them at 392-2667 & 431-0644 respectively with any concerns regarding this.

Trip Day:

  • The bus is scheduled to leave campus at 6:30am. We kindly ask that you make it to school on time. If you are unable to do so, please be sure to communicate with one of our executive members. You may contact me at 507-5215 if you wish.

  • The theme of our trip is Battle of the Sexes! Guys please bring a football. If we have more than one that is fine. It is our intention to leave the beach at 6:30pm. If it is so desired, we may stop somewhere before leaving Mobay. This is still tentative.

Please be reminded that you are responsible for feeding yourself on that day!!!

Nominations are still open!

The deadline for the submission of nomination forms is now Wednesday March 6th. Submissions can be made between the hours of 1-3pm in the DOMS computer lab to either Zellmar or Jevaughn as mentioned earlier. If you have already completed your forms but haven't submitted them, you are being urged to do so ASAP!