Learning to Dance Using YouTube

Mix of Hip-Hop, Club, and Street Dancing

Why Did I Choose This Topic?

I've always had a passion for dance. It never mattered what kind of dancing, I just liked to move my body with the music. When I attended Apple Valley High School, they offered a dance class for credit, so of course I took it. The class covered many different styles of dance such as ballet, salsa, swing, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop. We didn't spend much time on any of them because the time simply wasn't there. The dance class inspired me to dance on my own time, and I did. I found out that dancing helps relieve my stress and anger, it makes me a happier person. I would really like to learn more, because as of right now I just do my own thing. So why did I choose a mix of hip-hop, club, and street dancing? Simple, it goes with the music I like.
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Information About Hip-Hop, Club, and Street Dancing


Hip hop dance began on the streets in the 1960’s. It was a type of dancing that wasn't learned, it was meant for those who naturally and instinctively could move to music. It was inspired by African dancing. There are two main types of hip hop: West Coast and East Coast. West Coast is all about the popping and locking and the East Coast is all about the break dancing. American hip hop includes some of the West Coast and East Coast. Around the 1980’s, more people were getting into the rhythm of hip hop and it was becoming more popular. People would challenge each other to dance offs and there would be an audience circled around them. Club dancing and street dancing can be considered a part of hip-hop.


Hip hop has become really popular that it is actually shown on stage and in music videos. It is a dance that continues to expand.

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This project will impact me by helping me improve my dancing skills. It also will have some health benefits such as: relieving stress and keeping my body active.


You can never be done learning, but when I'm a more experienced dancer I plan to make videos to teach others step-by-step how to hip-hop dance.


So far, I have faced a few challenges. It has been very hard to find good quality videos on YouTube, but there are a few. Another challenge I have faced is finding time to work on dancing, it takes lots of time and effort just to learn a few steps. If it's not done right, it just looks silly. By May, I plan to choreograph a dance with new steps I've learned and video tape it for my final visual.