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Happy July!

I hope this summer finds you happy and healthy! My summer break began with an amazing trip to the 2016 Plexus Convention in Las Vegas. At the first Plexus convention in 2011, there were 248 people. Five years later, we had almost 12,000 people. This company is blowing up!

A highlight was when they unveiled a newly enhanced product and brand new product. Read on for more information on these two exciting products!

July also brings two great opportunities:

  • Join Plexus during the first week of July and save $15!
  • Participate in our 7-Day Slim/EDGE Challenge Group.

Newly Enhanced... Plexus Block

Americans are facing a sugar crisis. We’re eating 73% more sugar than we consumed in 1900. This is a problem for several reasons: excess sugar and carbs in our diet create excess glucose, which can be stored as fat, and excess fat can lead to weight gain.

• The average daily consumption of sugar in the US is 22 teaspoons.

• The recommended daily intake by health experts is just 6 teaspoons.

Block contains natural ingredients, clinically-tested to work immediately to block the absorption of up to 48% of the carbs and sugars in your meal—without blocking the absorption of any beneficial nutrients. Block is gluten-free, 100% vegetarian and GMO-free.

New Product... Plexus Edge

Are you suffering from a personal energy crisis? You are not alone! 85% of Americans wake up feeling tired. Nearly 1/3 adults say they don’t have enough energy to perform daily tasks and 53 percent of adults report feeling sluggish during the day.

Plexus EDGE™ is a great alternative to energy drinks and sodas. EDGE provides healthy, sustained energy and increased mental focus. With just three key ingredients, EDGE gets to work fast, giving you energy, sharpening your thinking, enhancing your focus and improving your mood so you can power through your day.

EDGE gives you the energy you need for the things that matter most. Just one capsule a day can give you the edge you need to live the life you’ve always wanted. EDGE is 100% vegetarian, gluten-free and has NO artificial stimulants.

Join Plexus for Only $19.99

Start July off with a BANG by joining Plexus for only $19.99 which is your membership for your first year. This is a $15 savings!

This is a great option if you are a current customer who buys the Triplex combo or a variety of products. You will save money each month by getting your products at wholesale prices PLUS you earn commissions on everything you buy (or sell) over $100! (You can stop at any time without penalty!)

If you have friends or family who are interested in trying Plexus, then you also want to join Plexus as an ambassador! The yearly membership pays for your own website. Friends and family simply go to that site and order from you. EASY! Where else can you start a business for $19.99 and be your own boss?

Let's get you started today!

Join the Challenge!

Our 7-Day Challenge with Slim (aka our "pink drink") and EDGE begins on July 11th. It will be a "secret" group on Facebook with daily motivation, fun, and prizes. It will be fun way to give Plexus a try!

Who could benefit from the combo of Slim and EDGE?

  • Anyone looking for sustained clean energy from plant based & non GMO products without artificial sugars or dyes.
  • Anyone looking for mental clarity and focus
  • Anyone looking to burn fat and not muscle
  • Anyone looking to increase their willpower over food
  • Anyone looking to improve their mood

Take this challenge with NO RISK because all customers have a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Don't delay! July 11th is right around the corner, so let's get your order in today!

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