by Riley Boerboom

The 6th planet from the sun

  • Has no single rotation rate
  • 29.4 Earth years to complete on revolution
  • 1.427 billion kilometers away from the sun
A visit from Saturn: What if Saturn flew past the Earth
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A planet made of hydrogen and helium

  • 53 known moons and 9 more are waiting to be confirmed
  • Winds blow up to 1,100 MPH
  • The temp of Saturn is around -270 degrees Fahrenheit
  • about 95 times of earths mass
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Fun facts

  • A Saturn day in earth time is 10 hours 14 minutes
  • The day Saturday is named after Saturn
  • You cannot stand on Saturn, Its mostly made of gases (helium)
The Huge Hexagon-Shaped Storm on Saturn | Out There | The New York Times


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