Laura Secord

Leadership Assignment- Jonathan Ichikawa


Laura Secord was born on September 13, 1775 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and passed away on October 17, 1868. She definitely didn't go forgotten. Laura's parents were Thomas Ingersoll and Elizabeth Ingersoll, sadly her mother passed away when Laura was 8 leaving her father to tend to 4 children. Laura grew up to live in Upper Canada where she met her husband James Secord, James came from a wealthy family which was originated in France. They grew up having 7 children.

What was the person involved in that made them a leader?

Laura Secord was involved in intercepting the Americans attack at the British outpost. One day in June a few American officers arrived at Laura's house and requested dinner, as she served them dinner she listened as they discussed their plans to launch a surprise attack on the British outpost. Once she heard this she knew she had to warn them. So the very next day at dawn she began her 32 kilometers trek which would take 18 hours on foot. She had to travel hungry and exhausted having little time to rest. She had to go through fields and forests. Finally making it there she alerts the Lieutenant about the surprise attack. A couple days later the British intercepted there attack and forced them to surrender. This shows Laura is a leader because she puts others over herself which many others cannot do.
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What actions did the individual take to show leadership?

Laura Secord was a Canadian hero, she had saved the lives of hundreds of Canadians and was an inspiration to many other. During the War of 1812 Laura had gained intel in the Americans planning a secret attack on a part of Canada where there were no defences, at the time Laura was in the hospital and was wounded quite severely. She understood the importance and danger of what she had just discovered and set off on a 20 mile journey to inform British forces about the attack. Her efforts had helped the British forces repel the attack of the Americans, without Laura’s bravery, courage and persistence the Americans could have easily invaded Canada. Laura’s efforts were forgotten until 1860 when King Edward VII had recognized her of her bravery and rewarded her with £100.
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Courage is not the absence of fear - it’s inspiring other to move beyond it.

Laura Secord took the the great responsibility of walking over 20 miles to inform British troops about Americans attacking the country. Taking upon such a great responsibility requires a lot of courage, Laura Secord saved many lives and assisted the British in the war.

Lead from the front but don’t leave your base behind

Laura lead the British forces to where the Americans were attacking, with out Laura’s guidance and knowledge on where the Americans were the British may have lost much of their land. Even though Laura may not have directly lead the battalions she still gave the British insight on when was happening and how urgent the situation was.
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Know your enemy - and learn about his favourite sport

Laura used her knowledge and understanding of the war and realized that the troops that she saw were in fact American troops sneaking around and not allied ones. She spotted her enemy and learned their motive and strategy.


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