Catherine the Great

Russian Empire

The Life of Catherine

Catherine, who's real name is Sophia Augusta Frederica, reigned in Russia from 1762-1796. She was born May 2, 1729. She also died November 17, 1796. Family members include Peter the Great who was married to Catherine in 1744. Cousins Gustav III and Charles XIII became Kings of Sweden


1. In 1764, Catherine founded Smolny Institution, or "Society for the Training of the Daughters of the Nobility."

2. She introduced the use of the smallpox vaccination in Russia

3. Hundreds of factories were built in her state

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Catherine's goal was to reorganize Russia's government. To help do this she helped modernize Russia by establishing schools, hospitals, and charities. The form of government that Russia had already was monarchy. Catherine used her knowledge of the Enlightenment to prove herself a capable, informed, gifted leader. She also practiced religious toleration.
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