Gender Equality & Women Empowerment

Rosezetta Baldwin

What Is Gender Equality?

Gender equality, also known as sex equality, gender egalitarianism, sexual equality or equality of the genders, is the view that men and women should receive equal treatment and should not be discriminated against based on gender.

Women Empowerment

Women and girls face barriers and disadvantages in every sector in which we work. Globally, 1 in 3 women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime. Women’s participation in politics results in tangible gains for democracy, including greater responsiveness to citizen needs, and increased cooperation across party and ethnic lines.

Strategy To A Solution

80 countries are making evidence-based investments in gender equality and female empowerment. Through Feed The Future, they are focusing on women’s leadership in agriculture by advancing policy changes in developing countries that give women access to financial services and ownership of the very land they tend. They are ensuring all their strategies are shaped by a gender analysis, and establish metrics that measure the gender impact of their programs & their already seeing a difference.