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Get ready to feel the rush and be a part of an adventure you'll remember for years to come...

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to cycle through a narrow mountain path, climb a steep cliff or fight your way through the cold wild waters of a river in a raft boat? Well we offer it all… in a day! You start your day on the bikes, you have lunch on the top of the cliff you just conquered and then you raft down to the starting point to have a relaxed evening with delicious food and live music around the campfire.

You have 3 different locations to choose from (Salzburg, Carinthia and Tirol) and 2 different weekend packages (adventurer, ranger). Challenge yourself to do something new!

Season & Package Information

Spring season 2013:
1st April - 3rd June (every weekend)
Summer/Autumn season 2013:
20 June - 15 September (every second weekend as of September)
Package Prices
The standard all-inclusive adventurer package (equipment, accommodation, introduction course, catering, free welcome beverage) is 200.

The ranger package (equipment, accommodation, introduction course) is priced at €150.

The extra insurance costs €15. All prices incl. VAT.

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