energy recources

natural gas

natural gas is found under layeres of rock and sand.and is formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals that came form the ocean.natural gas is used as fuel to produce steel glass paper clothing brick and electricitey. and the raw matirial can be used for : paints fertiliser plastic ect: did you know that natural gas is relitivley clean.

solar power

solar energy comes from the sun the sun hase produced energy for billions of years the energy in the suns rays that reaches the earth that can be converted into heat and electricity. solar energy can be used for heat and electricity when converted to thermal energy solar energy can be used to heat water for use in homes biuldings and swimming pools to heat spaces inside homes greenhouses and other biuldings and to heat fluids to high temperatures to opporate turbines that generate electricitey . did you know that radiant energy from the sun hase paowered life on earth for millions of years?

solar power


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