Radiant Joy ~ February Newsletter

Celebrating Your Successes in December and January

A little note from me....

My hope is that your Thirty-One business brings you everything you've hoped for.... don't forget to chase your dreams and let your business help take you there! We have new & fabulous ladies to welcome to our team & some amazing JOYS to celebrate!

As always, I feel so blessed to be a part of your journey!!!


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Team Togetherness

December Team Sales- $7866.00

January Team Sales- $9004.00

February Goal for Team Sales... $20,000 Team Goal for parties.... 40

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Top Party Girl

Way to go to Michelle Padden with 2 parties submitted in December!

Way to go Angel Prochnow with 6 parties submitted in January!!

The party is where it's at! Find ways to book that home party, catalog or online party or that Facebook party...share with us on the team page any great ideas you have for booking parties!

Top in Personal Volume


Michelle Padden $2096.36

Kay Jacobsen $1029.79

Amanda DeSmith $893.90

Angel Prochnow $602.83

Karie Johannes $566.69


Kay Jacobsen $1898

Angel Prochnow $1657

Cindy Johnson $682

Julia Larson $629

Congratulations to everyone else that worked their business by hosting a party or placing an order last month! I hope you enjoyed your paycheck. If you want your paycheck to increase reach out to me for a planning session on how to do it to fit your life! :)
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Dream Builders

December- Rene Hughes 1 Recruit

January- Angel Prochnow 1 Recruit

Keep sharing the opportunity with your customers and your guest and hostesses. There are ladies out there that need to earn some cash or need what Thirty-One has to offer!! keep sharing ladies!!!

You will realize your dreams even faster when you share the Thirty-One Opportunity

$1000 Party Girls

January- Kay Jacobsen $1212

Collect 6 postcards and turn them in to me for $25 product or business credit! Collect postcards for Top 5 in Sales $1500 or above. Being a Dream Builder, Top Party Girls 3+ Parties in a Month, Become a Qualified Consultant, $1000 Parties. You keep track of your postcards and turn them in to me for your reward.

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Michelle Padden

From: Mahtomedi/White Bear Lake, MN

Joined: January 2012

Promoted to SC: June 2012

Promoted to Director: August 2012

Current downline: 18

Favorite product: Cindy Tote

Favorite all-time print: Bold Bloom

Favorite 31 memory: LOV Ignite Leadership Trip

My WHY: To pay off debt and to be able to continue supporting other women's dreams

2016 Business Goal: To build my business back to what it used to be before having Harper in September of 2015 :)

Kay Jacobsen

From: Downing, WI

Joined: September 12, 2011

Promoted to SC: April 2012

Promoted to D: April 2013

Current downline: 9

Favorite product: Essential Storage Tote

Favorite all-time print: Plaid Prints

Favorite 31 memory: Walking the stage when I promoted to Director and getting to hug Martine!

My WHY: My why is to earn enough money to pay specific bills (anything camper related and my car), to support two children in the DR so they can attend school, and ultimately to become job optional!!

2016 Business Goal: To build my group to a team of 25 by the end of 2016, to become a stronger leader, to hold a minimum of 4 home parties a month, and to sell $2000 monthly.

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Keep working hard towards your goals! I believe in you and can't wait to celebrate you! If you need some one on one time to make some goals or create a game plan...I am here for you!

All My Best...