Respiratory System

By Zhaohui, Sai, Prathyanka, Michael

Learning About the Respiratory System

The function of the respiratory system is to move oxygen into our body and remove carbon dioxide and other gases from our body.

Parts of the Respiratory System

Nose-The starting point of the Respiratory system.It takes in Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide and lets out the Carbon Dioxide.It has 2 opening called nostrils which traps unwanted unwanted particles in the process.The Nasal cavities inside the nose is lined with mucus membranes.

Trachea-Also known as the wing pipe,it is near the esophagus(food pipe)and takes air in and out to and fro the nose and lungs.

Bronchi-They are the two branches of tubes coming from the trachea and leading to the lungs.They are the tubes that transfer air directly to the lungs,and take the waste out to the trachea.

Lungs-Two huge organs made of spongy tissue that filter the air taken in to take the oxygen and remove the wastes.The oxygen gets stored in one lung, and other gases in the other to be taken out.The oxygen is given to blood to keep its circulation.

Pharynx-A tube connecting the mouth to the esophagus.It acts like a passageway from the mouth to the stomach,for the digestive tract,and a passageway from the nose to the lungs,for the respirative tract.

Epiglottis-An elastic cartilage,a flap that covers the Trachea(passageway of air)when swallowing food so food doesn't enter the Trachea to the lungs.Lungs are not made to resist anything heavier than air,gases.

_____________________________Blood Exchange in Lungs________________________

Why is the Respiratory System Important?

Our cells need oxygen which the Respiratory supplies.Cells are needed for our body to function for us to live.

How Does the Respiratory system Work with Other Body Systems?

Circulatory System

The oxygen is given to all cells of the body by the bloodstream of the Circulatory System.Blood is pumped to and fro the heart to give the blood oxygen and to send the blood to the other parts of our body to give oxygen.The cappilaries carry blood away from the heart and the veins bring blood to the heart.

Nervous System

The Nervous System needs oxygen especially for the brain to work.The Nervous System senses need for change in the respiratory rate.

Digestive System

The muscles included in peristalis in the Digestive System needs a good supply of oxygen.The respiratory system needs the fuel given by the Digestive System,too.

Skeletal System

The bones of the Skeletal System protect most of the soft organs of the body from being damaged.The organs move, so as it does it's job,it is covered by harder organs.


The skeletal system,as I said,protects most the Respiratory system.The lungs are protected by the ribs.The lungs' and Trachea's muscles move to bring and separate oxygen and Carbon Dioxide and other gases,so it has to be protected by harder organs.