Wichita State University

1st Choice


  • Bacholer degree
  • Business degree

Admission Requirements

  • ACT 21 or above
  • rank in the top one-third of your high school graduating class
  • complete the pre college cirrculum with a 2.00 grade point average on a 4.00 scale

Tuition Per Year

  • tuition per year- $1,132.02
  • student fee- $180.02
  • faculties use fee per credit hour- $49.02
  • university registration fee- $98.00

Books, Room & Board, Transportation

room & board-

  • freshman live in fairmont towers
  • $7,344 per year
  • free cabel
  • free web access
  • loundry facilties
  • suite style bathrooms


  • $975 per year

transportation on campus-

  • free campus shuttles

Scholarship options


  • merrit scholarship ($4,000 to $24,00)

Athletics & Activities


  • volleyball
  • baseball
  • track and feild
  • golfing
  • bowling
  • cheerleading


  • sorority
  • cheerleading

Employment options

  • internship
  • work part time
  • experience based training
  • youth pastor
  • Resturants
  • Macy's

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Parent letter

I made a letter for my parents and I figured out that my mom is paying for college. She talked to me about what colleges would be good. My first choice was WSU and it was a good option, my mom agreed with me because if there was every an accident I would be able to come home fast. She was fine with all of my college options.

E- Mail

I tried to email Leslie Bounous. I had some Questions about WSU. She never had a chance to reply, so Iam still waiting for a responce.