7th grader


Here is three things i like to do, i like to draw,sing and work with animals.

Personality Test-

I am 115% innovative, 83% decision-maker, 104% imaginative, 96% intellectual, 91% well-thought, 126% attuned to others, 125% careful, 95% manager, 108% organizer, 96% communicating, and 75% dynamic.

What I Found Out About Myself

It says I know how to organize groups and put in my energy. I am an open and good communicator. I know how to attract and engage people. I am a managed and structured person. I know how to take account of people when leading them to fixed goals. I am creative and imaginative. Most of what I imagine comes from within me.

My Ideas and Relations

I have more ideas than i do relations. More of my inspiration comes from myself than my family. I have more sensibility than I do have will-power. Most of my feelings are based on reality and not things that are imaginary.

More Personality Test-

I am 46% introvert and 54% introvert. That means I keep more things to myself than I tell people. Which is very accurate. My leadership is 19%. My thinking is 22%. My imagination is 17%. My creativity is 18%. My emotional intelligence is 22%.