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What can I do with Google Forms?

Whip up a quick poll, collect information (email addresses) for a newsletter, create quizzes, and much more.

Choose from new themes or use your own photos, or school logos, and color palettes to create your own unique form.

Shuffle quiz questions so they appear in random order, add images and YouTube videos.

Invite students and adults to your form by: sharing the URL, emailing an embedded form (so they can respond without leaving their Gmail inbox), or by adding it to your classroom website.

Responses to your Forms are neatly and automatically collected, and real-time response info and charts are available right inside Forms.

Why should I use Google Forms?

Google Forms is located within your Google Drive. Google Forms is a great tool for pre and post assessments in any content area! It will provide you with live time feedback on lessons or content you have taught. Assessments on Google Forms can be graded instantaneously using Flubaroo. Grading or item analysis is not necessary - it can be done automatically for you. You may also use Google Forms to survey your class or take class polls.

How do I create a Google Form?

Step 1. Login to your Google account

Step 2. Go to Google Drive

Step 3. Click on the New button

Step 4. Click on Google Forms

Step 5. Title your Form

Step 6. Click on the appropriate Form Settings ( 1 & 2 are necessary)

Step 7. Determine the types of questions you are going to ask, and input them

Step 8. Click Done and then Send Form

Step 9. Consider whether you will send the form via email, or post the embed link to your classroom website

Need a visual? Check out the LO Tech Resources folder for a short video tutorial!

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Spelling City

Want to learn more about Spelling City? Ask your iTRTs! Click on the link above to login to Spelling City. Want to watch some online tutorials? Click on the link below.


Check your shared Google Drive LO Tech Resources Folder for technology information, directions, and video tutorials. If you would like Sarah or I to create/add a tutorial to the folder for your reference, just let us know.