Jackson's Story

By Aden Von Arx Per 2

Closing The National Bank

Andrew Jackson didnt belive the national bank was constitutional so he worked and worked to shut it down. And finally he believed what he did what good and many of the common people liked this decision. But all the rich and upper class people hated what he did. It was a big part of his presidency and it affected many people and the Nation.

Indian Removal Act

The Cherokee tribe was a well- developed tribe that lived in Georgia and they already had everything set for life there. Then the state of Georgia found out that under their crops where the Cherokee lived there was crops and so Andrew Jackson said they had 2 years to leave and once the 2 years came around they didn't leave yet so Jackson sent people to escort the Cherokee tribe to Oklahoma

Spoil System

Jackson when he was elected decided to fire all the people in the office and the jobs to friends and supporters. So people who have been working in the office for a long time and have been doing really good got fired. And people who had barely any experience had big jobs and they didn't know what to do with it. So Jackson replaced wealthy and experienced people with common people with little experience

Comment 1 (positive)

I am a soldier and im really happy with what Jackson did when he closed the National Bank. I too believe that a National Bank is un- constitutional and that it only benefits the wealthy. So i believe that the bank was a terrible thing from the beginning and im glad Jackson took it down. Another reason why hes my favorite president!

Comment 2 (negative)

I am part of the Cherokee tribe and i can not stand Andrew Jackson. What he did to our tribe is terrible and selfish. We tried to be like them white people but they wanted us out and didn't like us. Then the stupid state of Georgia found our under our land and our crops that there was gold so stupid Andrew Jackson kicked us out and took us to Louisiana with hardly any food, water, or shelter even though they promised.
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Killing the National Bank Cartoon

What this cartoon means is Jackson has a paper in his hand that says he can destroy the National Bank. and all the people going in the whole are people who work at the bank and they are going to see the devil. And the person with the horns that looks like hes running away is the owner of the bank and lighting bolts are coming out the paper and the pillars are falling which means the bank is getting destroyed. So overall Jackson believes he did the right thing to kill the National Bank.