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October 14-18


We will have our fall lockdown drill on Wednesday, October 15 at 8:45 a.m. Please remind students of procedures on Tuesday morning during your morning meeting. Parents will receive an email blast to let them know of the planned drill. 4th and 5th grade teachers need to show the elementary lockdown video. The link is in the bottom of the Smore.

Our other fall drills- lockout, hold, and shelter will be Tuesday, October 22 at 8:30. Please review those procedures throughout the week to prepare.

The end of the 9 weeks is upon us! Please take some time to visit with your team this week about duty stations and ensure that everyone knows the procedures so we have a smooth transition. Staff with a morning duty please touch base with the person whose duty you are taking for a smooth morning transition as well. Duty station roster is attached below.

Also, please make sure that you are in contact with parents of students who are struggling before their report cards go home. I know you are working on scheduling conferences but just make sure parents aren't surprised when the report cards come home.

Walk 4 Wellness Information:

  • Permission Slips are REQUIRED for your students to leave campus.
  • Review Expectations with your students.
  • NO Electronics will be allowed on the walk.
  • Remind your parents that they are welcome to walk but will need to check in at the front office.
  • Grade levels will be called down in order the morning of, starting with 5th grade.
  • Come up with plan in your grade level for those staying back (who is staying, what they are doing).
  • Warm-ups/ Shorts are allowed for staff. Wear a long shirt over leggings/ yoga pants.

Important Dates

Pledge helpers this week--Colston

October 14

PL Day (see schedule below)

October 15

Wear a motivational t-shirt with your jeans

1st grade PL

CIIC-3:30 Library

Watch D.O.G.-

Day 2

October 16

Send an email to make someone's day

1st grade PL

Lockdown drill 8:45 a.m.

Collaboration 3:30

Watch D.O.G.S.-

Day 3

October 17

Make a positive parent phone call

5th grade field trip

Day 4

October 18

Take time to reflect on what you have achieved this week

Big Fit Walk (look for an email from the coaches)-wear your shorts or leggings with tops that cover enough to make them school appropriate :0)

5th Grade Meet the Deputy 10:30-11:!5 a.m.

Early Release Day

Trunk or Treat 6-7 p.m.

Day 0

Twitter accounts to follow



@region 4esc








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Special Shout out this week to...

A special shout out to our wonderful AA staff! They make a hard job look easy!

Thanks to all our staff who supported Parr at Dine Out to Donate and worked at the Spring Creek Spirit Night!

Character Corner

Core Value focus- Responsibility

Character Strong Traits- Responsibility and Perseverance

Curriculum Spotlight


Please make sure you are working on your 10X10 technology lessons! Get with Jess if you need help locating them. Also, don't forget about the digital citizenship lessons! These are woven into the Purposeful People timeline located in One Note!

Check out the attachment below from Jess for more technology info.