How to Destiny

By: Morgan


Is a game sort of like a RPG game but instead you have a variety of things different.


Strikes are missions that you can play sometimes over and over again. They can give you loot, strange coins (ill talk about that soon enough), and even consumables.


Raids are like strikes but instead you need 6 players is the maximum and its more of a bunch of strikes into one big mission kill the final boss.


Xur is like a traveling merchant he spawns in at Friday and leaves on Sunday. He can sell you exotic loot (The highest tier loot) but at the cost of strange cons which can be gotten from Strikes and missions.


Factions are things that are scattered around the tower there will be people there and you can join the factions New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, Osiris, Future War Cult, or Seven Seraphs. They all sell different loot but most of the time it's in the same like Dead Orbit is mostly guns and New Monarchy is mostly armor.


You now know some important things in Destiny so lets get into the tutorials. To move up use the joystick and move it up. The shoot hit R3 on you controller or click on PC. to aim hold down L3 or right click on PC. To jump hit X on Ps4 and A on Xbox one. To use you Ultimate move hit R2 and L2 at the same time.

Raid Websites

I cant explain how to do a raid but I can show you a website that shows you what to do if your ready for the new raid Wrath Of The Machine.
Wrath of The Machine Tutorial Link

This will tell you what to do for the new raid.


Missions can be found on planets when you look at them. They can either be apart of the story quest or be a random fun mission for you to do.


Emotes can be bought for silver at the Eververse. Sadly you only start out with 200 silver and silver costs real and theirs no way to get more apart from buying it.


The Cryptarch is a person that will decode your loot for you. If you get a Exotic, Rare, Or legendary engram go to him and we turns it into a weapon.


Everybody hates the Cryptarch so much somebody make this Ryme up for him "Roses are red, Your item was blue, Engram was purple, Sucks to be you" because sometimes if you give him a legendary engram it turns into a rare (that's happens to me way to much)

That's all about The people and the more less important stuff

No this isn't the end of it but it is the end of the easy things and the start of the better things.

More stuff about the game

Each class in a raid can be used for different reasons. When doing one make sure your the best class you can be.

Lets talk about raids

Raids are hard but rewarding but you need to communicate with your team, find a strategy with your team to make it easier to do, and most of all be a team player.

The Taken King DLC

In the taken king the person you go to the most is Eris Morn which is the creepy girl at the tower. But the missions now that Rise Of Iron is out are really easy to do.

Eris Morn Location and Crucible Dealer location

Eris Morn if you know were the vanguards are this will be easy but if you don't when you spawn in at the tower stay at the middle area and find a hole with stairs going down go down the stairs and you will be sort of underground area just keep going forward and you'll run into the vanguards. Now from there turn around till you see a Titan with red and white armor with animal fur behind his head that is Lord Shaxx the Crucible Dealership. Eris is if you continue off from Lord Shaxx and act like you going to head up the stairs she should be in the middle of urn's, floating stuff, witchery, and will look like she has a blind fold on.
Big image


Lord Shaxx is right next to this guys character and if you look he is going to Eris Morn over by the stairs.

Other Facts about the game

Destiny was released in 2014 its the studio Bungie first ever first person shooter game and it was a hit in year one. People loved it it was cool for all ages to enjoy and play. They soon added raids into the games and everybody loved those too. Soon after they released DLC after DLC after DLC. And now they have five DLC's in total and people are saying this is the time Destiny will have no more sort of DLC's. When people heard about this some were outraged and other's said "They ended on a good note not some sloppy one" They ended with the most exciting, fun, and challenging DLC and raid some people have ever seen.

Fevstival of the Lost

This is the Halloween event in destiny and people don't know if they will do it this year but other's are just hype for it flat out. They have masks, challenges, new quests, candy, and other things. I loved this when it came out but most people liked the zombie dance you could get when it came out and that was a hit for some people. I have even seen people in destiny put the dance on in 2016.


I hoped this helped you out with learning about Destiny if you haven't played it and are going to get it or you just read this for fun. If you have played it and just need help on some things that I didn't talk about ask you friends for help and advice on the question you have.