Touch Screens

By Sophie

iPhone/iPod Touchscreens Explained
  1. A touch screen is a display device which allows the user to interact with a computer by touching areas on the screen.

What are touch screens

Touch screens are electronic visual displays, you control them with multi-touch gestures, you do this by touching the screen with your finger or using a stylus or pen. Some touch screens use special gloves and others only work by using a special pen. You use touch screens to interact with your device and to control how it is displayed, for example pinching your screen to zoom into an image.

Touch screens enable the user to interact with their device and what is directly displayed, instead of using a mouse, touch pad or any other intermediate device.

Touchscreens are common in game consoles, all-in-one computers, tablet devices, and the most common smart phone.

A touch sensitive visual display also know as a VDU. A screen that has a grid of light beams or fine wires criss-crossing the screen that are used to detect touch. Many mobile phones use touch screens and do away with the keypad entirely. They're often used on cash machines and in shopping centres too. Touch screens are robust, easy to operate and easy to reprogram, this is why most smartphones at this current time tend to have touch screens.