Buenos Aires

Interesting Facts

GDP Per Capita :14,760

Life Expectancy :76

Currency :Argentine Pecos

Population :41.45 Million

Popular food :Beef

Popular music :Hip Hop,Rap

Popular sport :Futbol

Major Problems :Pollution,Deforrestation

Major Exports :Beans,Cars,Corn,Wheat,Gold

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Interesting Facts

The hottest and coldest temperature extremes recorded in South America have occurred in Argentina.

Argentina was named from Argentum, the element of silver’s Latin name.

The Teatro Colón, situated in Buenos Aires (the capital and biggest city of Argentina), is one of the prime opera houses in the world.

Measuring 2,700 in diameter and 80m high, the Iguazu falls of Argentina is one of the largest waterfalls in the world.

Argentina is the eight largest country of the world, spreading over an area of approximately 2,766,890 sq km.