Vote Yes!

For Wearing Hats At School!

Do You Know That...

Hats Protects You From Sun Burns And Other Things That Harm Your Skin On Your Face.

Some Things To This Cause

  • 9% Of Students Will Be Distracted By Wearing Hats At School
  • 91% Of Students Will Not Be Distracted By Hats At School

Reasons We Should Wear Hats At School

  1. Students Could Wear A Hat On Their Birthday
  2. Teachers Won't Have A Major Meltdown Like Chernobyl
  3. It Would Make The Students A Bit Happy
  4. Students Will Feel Like Wearing A Shirt

Why Would You Protest This Cause?

People Think That It Supports Terrorism, Gang Violence, Child Labor, Etc.

But Other People Don't Believe That Cause.

Video Time!

Here Is A Video That Lets Kids Wear Hats At School. But Parents Are Protesting This Cause.


Buzz: Hats on in school

Here Is Dr. Evil's Answer To Wear Hats At School. (Hope You Enjoy.)

Dr Evil Silence!